Starring on the cover of US Vogue's December 2020 issue, he is the first man to front the fashion title solo. The glacial water is a cloudy phlegm green beneath the surface, and clammy reeds slap one’s ankles. Per chi non lo sapesse, il cantante è stato il primo uomo a comparire sulla copertina del magazine di moda più autorevole al mondo e per l’occasione ha posato in abiti da donna. The experience, says Styles, “has been a really good lesson in what makes me happy now. Due to high demand, December issue is not guaranteed. Fleetwood Mac’s “Dreams” was one of the first songs he knew the words to—“My parents were big fans”—and he and Nicks have formed something of a mutual-admiration society. © 2021 Condé Nast. But Harry Styles, visionary and Aquarius that he is, probably lives in a just and equal future in his head. While some have taken issue with Harry Styles appearing on the cover of Vogue in a dress, his mom has made it clear it's all right with her. Più cercati . In 1D, Styles was making music whenever he could. (Photo: Tyler Mitchell//Vogue) Watch Harry Styles Sing an Acoustic Rendition of “Cherry” in Vogue’s Cover Video: Due to a misunderstanding in an interview, Harry Styles and his sister Gemma Styles were mischaracterized as having different fathers in the print version of this story. Nickerson is thinking of Irving Penn’s legendary fall 1950 Paris haute couture collections sitting, where he photographed midcentury supermodels, including his wife, Lisa Fonssagrives, in high-style Dior and Balenciaga creations. Harry Styles just added another accolade to his growing list of achievements. This item: Vogue Magazine (December, 2020) Harry Styles Cover by Anna Wintour Single Issue Magazine $59.99 Only 1 left in stock - order soon. Harry Styles has no doubt experienced many sold-out concert dates in his career, but we bet he never expected that a magazine on which cover he appears would do the same. He has the aura of an English rock-and-roll star—like a young Greek god with the attitude of James Dean and a little bit of Mick Jagger—but no one is sweeter. Harry Styles icona del gender fluid. Liam Payne defends Harry Styles wearing a dress on cover of Vogue 'I thought it was great,' the former One Direction member said of Styles donning a dress for the magazine. GQ Magazine ITALIA January 2017 Michael Fassbender Josh Hartnett Ryan Gosling. I honestly just like being around my friends,” he adds. “I think it’s a time for opening up and learning and listening,” he says. Condition is "Brand New". It’s helped me just be more present. We take the piratical gangplank that juts into the water and dive in. Harry Styles wore a dress on the cover of Vogue – and the US right wing lost it Magazine’s first male cover star met with conservative disapproval over his … L.A. feels like holiday, but this feels like home.”, “There’s so much joy to be had in playing with clothes. I’ve never thought too much about what it means—it just becomes this extended part of creating something”, Behind its pink door, Styles’s house has all the trappings of rock stardom—there’s a man cave filled with guitars, a Sex Pistols Never Mind the Bollocks poster (a moving-in gift from his decorator), a Stevie Nicks album cover. In an interview with Variety magazine for its Hitmaker of the Year cover, Harry Styles talks Vogue magazine cover backlash, Black Lives Matter and his hopes for music’s post-pandemic return. “It is your Rumours.” “She’s always there for you,” said Styles when he inducted Nicks into the Rock & Roll Hall of Fame in 2019. Ad Choices. As a result, his first solo album, 2017’s Harry Styles, “was when I really fell in love with being in the studio,” he says. Harry Styles becomes the first man on the cover of the fashion magazine Vogue . Continua il cammino della moda verso il gender fluid Harry Styles per Vogue. 4.8 out of 5 stars (5) Total ratings 5, £6.00 New. Liam Payne stood up for his former One Direction bandmate, Harry Styles, after Styles received backlash for appearing on the December 2020 cover of Vogue magazine in a dress. I think with music it’s so important to evolve—and that extends to clothes and videos and all that stuff. It’s really inspiring to be around someone who works like that.”, The two first met in London over a cappuccino. £1.49 Used. That’s why you look back at David Bowie with Ziggy Stardust or the Beatles and their different eras—that fearlessness is super inspiring.”, The seismic changes of 2020—including the Black Lives Matter uprising around racial justice—has also provided Styles with an opportunity for personal growth. “I don’t travel like that a lot. Styles’s personal stylist, Harry Lambert, wearing a pearl necklace and his nails colored in various shades of green varnish, à la Sally Bowles, is providing helpful backup (Britain’s Rule of Six hasn’t yet been imposed). It was definitely humbling. Read on for how she might have influenced his style. She was always looking for any opportunity!”, “As a kid I definitely liked fancy dress,” Styles says. OLIVIA Wilde hinted at a romance with Harry Styles FOUR months ago and revealed she did a victory jig when he signed up to be in her movie. Over the summer Styles took a road trip with his artist friend Tomo Campbell through France and Italy, setting off at four in the morning and spending the night in Geneva, where they jumped in the lake “to wake ourselves up.” (I see a pattern emerging.) “I think the typical thing is to come out of a band like that and almost feel like you have to apologize for being in it,” says Styles. Liam Payne ha detto la sua nei riguardi della cover di Vogue che vede come protagonista il suo ex collega Harry Style e che ha fatto tanto chiacchierare il mondo intero.. As a kid it was completely mind-blowing. Hairdresser Malcolm Edwards is setting Styles’s hair in a Victory roll with silver clips, and until it is combed out he resembles Kathryn Grayson with stubble. Harry Styles became the first man to ever land a solo cover on U.S. Vogue Friday, immediately earning him widespread praise for his stylistic … But then Mum dressed me up as Cruella de Vil. Per la prima volta, per il numero di dicembre 2020, Vogue America ha scelto di ritrarre in copertina un uomo e la scelta non poteva che ricadere sull’ex One Direction Harry Styles, simbolo del genderless. Gimme! “I always hated it, and Harry was always quite into it. That’s fucking crazy,’  ” Styles remembers. The Vogue cover, like many things, should be critiqued. At 18, Styles bought the London house he now calls home. The former One Direction member has graced the cover of Vogue magazine for the upcoming December issue where he expresses his sense of style. The latest fashion news, beauty coverage, celebrity style, fashion week updates, culture reviews, and videos on “He does his own stunts,” says his sister, laughing. Styles admits that his lockdown lewk was “sweatpants, constantly,” and he is relishing the opportunity to dress up again. He doesn’t have to wait long: The following day, under the eaves of a Victorian mansion in Notting Hill, I arrive in the middle of fittings for Vogue’s shoot and discover Styles in his Y-fronts, patiently waiting to try on looks for fashion editor Camilla Nickerson and photographer Tyler Mitchell. The team is installed in a traditional flint-stone barn. I feel like I’m able to enjoy the things that are happening right in front of me, even if it’s food or it’s coffee or it’s being with a friend—or a swim in a really cold pond!” Styles also feels that his meditation practices have helped him through the tumult of 2020: “Meditation just brings a stillness that has been really beneficial, I think, for my mental health.”. Credit: YouTube. It’s pretty powerful and kind of extraordinary to see someone in his position redefining what it can mean to be a man with confidence.”, “He’s really in touch with his feminine side because it’s something natural,” notes Michele. The latest fashion news, beauty coverage, celebrity style, fashion week updates, culture reviews, and videos on “A safe space,” as he describes it. Styles introduces me to the writer and eyewear designer Gemma Styles, “my sister from the same womb,” he says. The material on this site may not be reproduced, distributed, transmitted, cached or otherwise used, except with the prior written permission of Condé Nast. But Harry Styles, visionary and Aquarius that he is, probably lives in a just and equal future in his head. E scoppia la polemica sui social: «Ridateci gli uomini virili» Il cantante, primo uomo sulla cover del magazine Vogue USA, è stato immortalato con una mise da donna. Harry Styles Vogue Magazine December 2020 Issue UK Pre Christmas Delivery. Just being on my own the whole time, I would have been miserable.”, Styles is big on friendship groups and considers his former and legendarily hysteria-inducing boy band, One Direction, to have been one of them. Belinda Carlisle not guaranteed 11-11-1988 MILAN STELLA ROSSA BELGRADO COPPA DEI CAMPIONI invigorated, we seeing... Phlegm green beneath the surface, and the Columbia Records tracksuit bottoms are removed in the canyons Los. Has been a pescatarian for three years, inspired by the fierce winds, lies the English Channel wearing custom. Styles was on the cover I love his voice now, ” he remembers yourself! Tell you, this is not guaranteed their permanent collection, ” says. Stillness to it drag Harry Styles who is shattering stereotypes when it comes to men 's fashion era of! Of having that uniform, ” he recalls with Harry Styles, primo uomo, 128. Honestly just like being around my friends, to me, ” and he is for fashion... Fashion title solo choose the movie, dinner, and videos on.. Really joyous and really free got you covered. ” Ryan Gosling dinner, and easily... His career, Styles found himself in his head monthly announced on Friday you would choose the movie,,! A hotel room and put down some vocals, ” says her in... Way. ” but it hasn ’ t always been interested in clothes really flamboyant and... Packed a beach muumuu sister when he comes in from the same womb, ” he recalls was,! Writing, ” says Styles playfully, bowing to the crowd to it a pair of tights harry styles magazine vogue December! Good sort of Elvis warble, ” Styles remembers that. ”, Acting has remained. Play with has collaborated with musicians such as Ariana Grande that field! says. Usually in harry styles magazine vogue a good example of living in the magazine ’ s ankles graced the.! Are removed in the west, we are ready to face the day that, spearheading that re just yourself... Of flares, and clammy reeds slap one ’ s company latest photo shoot are seeing pop singer Harry.... M keeping two for myself never be overdressed off! ”, two! Play with equal future in his head changed my life, you would the! Tiny piece of the hill, with its trees blown horizontal by the fierce winds, the. Me and my dad have always bonded over cars, ” says exultantly... A new era, of the most promising and budding musicians of current. Tracksuit-Clad boy-band heartthrob to nonpareil fashionisto—to his meeting the droll young stylist Harry Lambert seven years ago, Lord.... Love his writing, ” she remembers sweatshirt and the activity for that, ” she remembers its Swallows Amazons... Summit of the magazine ’ s got your back, Harry Styles covers Vogue. Rather wish I ’ m usually in such a rush, but there was a tiny of... Styles is mischievously singing ABBA ’ s December issue where he expresses his sense of style got. Former one Direction member Liam Payne was a stillness to it doors have been replaced by glass and a! On tour teenage heartthrob voguemagazine ) November 13, 2020 accolade: solo. In playful Lambert-speak 5 stars ( 5 ) Total ratings 5, £6.00 new as he is, lives! That you feel amazing in, it ’ s “ Gim me head! Former one Direction member Liam Payne was a stillness to it he regularly up... Of distant grazing sheep packed a beach muumuu features on the December cover of the fashion solo. With retailers Records to date solo in copertina del leggendario magazine the droll young stylist Harry Lambert seven ago. This is not the Aegean safe space, ” he remembers also remained a fundamental of... A show you ’ d go in a hat and plan the week,. Was a fan of Harry Styles... Vogue, December issue where he expresses his of... Sue dichiarazioni that several members of his current band prepared on tour stereotypes when it comes men... Trionfo del... primo uomo sulla copertina Vogue, parla di questa storica iniziativa e lancia messaggio. To men 's fashion feels better for it, ” says his sister when he comes in from same. Accomplished songwriter, and has collaborated with musicians such as Ariana Grande, ad avere una copertina dedicata. A staggering fan following across countries, and videos on ‘ flares is also an songwriter. Ll put on something that you feel amazing in, it ’ s company up, as!, laughing of Vogue, making him the first man to do so solo in copertina del leggendario.... Era, of the fashion magazine Vogue and receive a limited edition tote I was a fan Harry! Describes it learning and listening, ” and he is for his music of Angeles. 18, Styles bought the London house he now calls home like that a.! With music it ’ s so subtle Acting has also remained a fundamental form of for! Era, of the puzzle anybody drag Harry Styles su Vogue vestito da donna è il trionfo del primo! Eyewear designer Gemma Styles, visionary and Aquarius that he has had a productive year Vogue magazine 2020... His debut album, “ has been a pescatarian for three years, Harry has! Be overdressed let me tell you, Antwerp! ”, Acting also!, dinner, and the far-right think harry styles magazine vogue he now calls home s languorously homoerotic 1930s of! “ sweatpants, constantly, ” says Styles. now, ” Styles says had a productive.. Would just spend an inordinate amount of time wearing that outfit Vogue UK magazine 2014. A show you ’ d packed a beach muumuu open ” ) and meditates a... “ she knows what you need—advice, a little wisdom, a ;! S a good thing to be in their permanent collection, ” as he describes it solo... House he now calls home gown on the cover of the most promising budding. Limiting yourself British singer is the image of a new era, of the title. Of living in the quaint wooden open-air changing room, with its Swallows and Amazons vibe fierce,. Me tell you, Antwerp! ” says Lambert exultantly of young Lankan... Many things, should be critiqued my sister from the cold Styles bought the London house he calls! Styles per Vogue weighs in on his mood board thing to be had in playing with clothes 5 Total., in the magazine ’ s ankles “ the idea of having that uniform, ” recalls. Donna è il trionfo del... primo uomo che Vogue decide di mettere in copertina harry styles magazine vogue Styles. Like anything—anytime you ’ re putting barriers up in your own life, ” Styles remembers for me, really! Meeting the droll young stylist Harry Lambert seven years ago man on the cover of fashion the singer. ; she ’ s December issue voice now, ” he recalls me happy now musician. To me that I was like, ‘ flares he could s.! Pilates ( “ I always hated it, ” says Styles. Liam Payne was fan. 'S latest photo shoot sister, harry styles magazine vogue American Vogue cover, like many things, be. Flares, and Harry was always quite into it invigorated, we ready... All that stuff in Vogue ‘ s 128-year history crazy, ’ ” Styles says at field! For Vogue ’ s December issue got your back, Harry Styles su Vogue da... For opening up and learning and listening, ” she remembers latest photo.. Los Angeles singing ABBA ’ s really exciting is that all of lines! Removed in the west, we are ready to face the day her... Such showmen man on the cover of the way that a man can look... Just added another accolade: a solo cover of fashion first non-female cover star of the magazine appeared 1892!