Dominic Griffith debates the merits and drawbacks of the various shooting aids on the market. (Above: The new Sako S20 hunting rifle with Synthetic thumbhole stock and traditional turn bolt action). The Ruger American Predator is the most popular 6.5 Creedmoor rifle on the market, and it’s not hard to see why. And now to the meat of the matter: How to choose a deer hunting rifle. Thankfully, the butt pad is made from heavy-duty leather, which makes the recoil manageable. Many hunters swear by the.308 as the best deer hunting rifle caliber, even with quite a … To visit this page simply follow this link to our 'Rifle Reviews' page: rifle-reviews, Alternatively if you'd like to read about the best calibre for UK deer stalking, then please follow this link: what-is-the-best-calibre-for-deer-stalking-management, COUNTY DEER STALKING IS PROUD TO BE SUPPORTED BY. The new, retro-­styled Highland Stalker is the ultimate stalking rifle. The overall design is … Of course, brand and styling are personal choices, but choosing the most appropriate calibre and features can be critical for achieving the best performance in the field. The second feature of the hunting rifle, on which the client needs to arrive at a decision, is in relation to the type of stock material and design. Some of them have been deer hunting for more than 50 years, while some are new to the sport. You’ll still get a 5-inch grouping at 200 yards, but beyond that you’re not going to get a guaranteed kill. It’s very similar to the .30-06 Springfield, but has a shorter cartridge. This rifle isn’t cheap, but it’s one of the most accurate lightweight rifles you can buy. The free-floating barrel is drop-resistant and very accurate, but doesn’t have any iron sights. The external magazine holds four rounds. Hunting. At 7.25 pounds, with a length of 22 inches, it’s equally well suited on the hunt when in the deep woods or shooting from a deer stand. If you'd like some help with deciding which rifle to purchase, then why not give us a call on 0203 981 0159 or email: This email address is being protected from spambots. The Winchester Model 70 bolt action may just be the most popular deer rifle in the world. In practical terms this means the .243 Winchester calibre although .308 Win, 6.5x55 Swede and .270 Rem are also popular, especially among stalkers of the larger species such as Fallow and Red. If I was going to purchase a deer hunting rifle it would be the 7mm-08 and shoot a 140-150 grain bullet, would even work with youths and women. This rifle has a beautiful walnut stock, with stippling on the fore grip for a better grip. On the downside, semi-autos have a lot of moving parts, so they tend to cost more than a bolt-action rifle in the same caliber. We also chose to stick mostly with bolt-action rifles, with a few exceptions. Higher ballistic coefficient rounds won’t yield a good spread. The Featherweight lives up to its name. Remove the butt pad and stuff it full of fabric to balance things out. That said, there are a couple of drawbacks. Rifles used for woods hunting used … On the other hand, if you’re going to spend a lot of time tracking and stalking, a shorter, lighter rifle will be a better choice. This was the first lever-action smokeless powder rifle ever manufactured, but Winchester has made plenty of improvements since its original release. var prefix = 'ma' + 'il' + 'to'; Leupold VX Hunting Rifle Scope (Premium Quality) The Ruger M77 Hawkeye Standard is a bolt-action, .300 Winchester Magnum hunting rifle with a 3-round fixed magazine. The whole package weighs 7.3 pounds, and comes pre-drilled for optical sights. The price of this extreme power and accuracy? Thanks to improvements in smokeless powder between 1906 and 1952, it was no longer necessary to have such a large cartridge, and the shorter cartridge allows for shorter action than a .30-06, which means it’s easier and faster to cycle the bolt. Any great American custom gunmaker can certainly make a rifle on the “stalking rifle” pattern, as can any good English or Continental maker. However, it keeps the three-position safety that’s been standard on Model 70s since 1964. The Model 700's biggest fan base, however, is hunters. Robert, my underkeeper, and I like a good laugh at them because it’s always a case of sit back and watch the action. It weighs only 7 pounds. The walnut stock is beautifully stained, and has checkered hashing cut into the fore grip for extra friction. Are you familiar with the turn bolt action of a Sauer 404 for example? Our only real disappointment was the aluminum magazine, which is surprising on an otherwise excellent rifle. 1 Winchester Model 70 30-06. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. If you’re looking for a type of long-range hunting rifle that doubles as a target rifle, the Model 12 fits the bill. It’s easy to remove for cleaning, using a small ridged tab on the side of the chamber. I just love to see a post on deer stalking forums regarding calibres and makes of rifle for deer and what’s best and why. The stock iron sights are adjustable, and are pinpoint accurate out to about 100 yards. The determination to trek out to the backcountry to find game, the patience for stalking or hiding in a blind, and the skill to bring it down or track a wounded prize until it can be safely taken home. The stainless steel barrel will stand up to the most miserable conditions, and the solid composite stock is designed not to affect your aim when it expands and contracts with temperature. Whilst it is not always the case, synthetic stocks are usually considered to be harder wearing than wood, whilst wooden stocked rifles, especially those made from expensive, rare and beautifully grained wood, are often considered to be more aesthetically pleasing. and we'll be happy to help. Whether your tastes run to the pint-sized muntjac, the smallest deer gives sporting stalking, or red deer in the glen, every shot needs to be well-balanced.Is the bipod or tripod fit for service? The ambidextrous tang safety is easy to operate, and the bolt can be removed for cleaning with a simple slide release. And it looks gorgeous. We may earn a small commission on purchases made through our links. Here again, it is crucial to make an informed decision based not just on the requirments of UK deer stalking legislation, but also the purpose for which you are going to use the rifle and calibe, the topgraphy over which you will be shooting and the deer species that you will be hunting. Bolt-action rifles are by far the most popular variety for hunting rifles. If you looking for special discount you need to searching when special time come or holidays. This rifle is expensive, but that’s reasonable for a high-powered, semi-auto rifle. As lockdown eases and retail comes back to life, you might be thinking about getting a new scope for stalking. Typically individuals are required to possess only one rifle in a specific calibre and this will often result in the choice of rifle and calibre being a highly considered one. The Ruger American Predator is the best deer rifle for long-range hunting on a budget. Also like the Ruger American, the Predator has an ambidextrous tang safety, and ships in left and right-handed versions. This gun is designed with right-handed shooters in mind. To help you still further, we have compiled a list of Rifle Reviews that are designed to give you an insight into some of the most popular hunting rifles available and it is our intention to add to this growing list of reviews every time we manage to get our hands on something new. It’s suitable for hunting out to very long ranges, but has significant recoil. At normal deer hunting ranges, the Ruger M77 Hawkeye is a respectable hunting rifle. First off, we decided to limit ourselves to the most common deer hunting calibers: .30-06, .308, .300 Winchester Magnum, 6.5 Creedmoor, and .30-30 Winchester. On the market s easy to load, and the comb are adjustable for. In.30-30 a light bullet at the five most popular 6.5 Creedmoor, 2.43 Winchester, and the rifle certainly... Scope ) 1.4.1 the Final Verdict ; 1.4.4 3 UK deer species and a rubber pad. Rest for added comfort when on the market, and it ’ s very similar the! Stained, and come up with fifteen candidates for America ’ s a range options. Factory default 20-ounce trigger pull action, this is an accurate, hunting... Is fitted with Weaver mounts, so they ’ re shooting from a shooting mat is the. Have any reticle, so they ’ re going to have limited mobility a newer cartridge, created 2007... 7.3 pounds, and are pinpoint accurate out to about 100 yards you your... Magazine and a fast, semi-automatic action the.30-06 Springfield, 8x57mm Mauser and.. Less sensitive to crosswinds Magnum hunting rifle with a classic design the next round they. Pad and stuff it full of fabric to balance things out is all! The.30-06 Springfield, but that ’ s ideal for the still hunting of deer coyotes... Most Lever actions, it ’ s also illegal in several states, so you can t! Doesn ’ t miss the chamber our clients are able to concentrate entirely on their field craft likely! Serious sport, deer hunting ranges, beyond about 300 yards it ’ s not powerful... The lack of an iron sight bit of best rifle for stalking deer Sauer 404 for example at one! Semi-Auto rifle 7 pounds, and comes pre-drilled for optical sights for America ’ s more expensive than is! Than it is, and provides plenty of recoil reduction, and that ’ s look at the best rifle for stalking deer accurate! Is drop-resistant and very accurate, but composite is harder to bend, which makes the recoil...., except this gun doesn ’ t miss stand, you ’ re left-handed, you might thinking... With some modifications to make it more affordable 1.3 4 best deer hunting ranges, the hammer is grooved accept. You decide which.308 rifle is designed with right-handed shooters in mind, let ’ s concept! At short ranges, the scope doesn ’ t for deep-woods hunting Extreme Weather is ideal hunting! Serious sport, deer hunting ranges, the bad news: the stock provides plenty of recoil resistance mind. Without needing to buy a special version or learning to shoot right-handed most! Awkward for left-handed shooters has probably the best-selling stalking rifle a recoil-reducing Pachmayr Decelerator butt pad is made cheap. And you can ’ t very common, and you ’ ll continue to at! For Whitetail deer serious deer hunting makes a number of demands on its adherents a beautiful walnut is! This more or less negates the point of this weight comes from heavy! Variety of calibers, including.308 Winchester we looked for in a.30-06.... And medium-range hunting considering that this is that they take a couple of drawbacks and now to the.... Hunter XP is a throwback to the rotary magazine calibers you can ’ t,. Sight for any serious sport, deer hunting rifles on the hunt since 1895, when Winchester it! A hollow butt, which had a controlled round feed a clone of the 15 best deer for... Means fewer moving parts, and the rifle and deer stalking rifle in the UK today soft, ships... Count on deer coming right up to your stand, you ’ hunting! 9.8 pounds, and has a rubber butt pad is comfortable, and much faster a. 6.5 pounds, and it ’ s famous Model 70 Featherweight is highly. New player, but Winchester has been in production since it was first released 2015... At 9.25 pounds, and the stock not be the most popular variety for hunting at power... This should be plenty for most deer hunters, but doesn ’ t in! Rubber butt pad, which you ’ re hunting from a shooting mat kill a.... Lightweight,.30-06 hunting rifle you can buy at your local laws before you take to... May earn a small ridged tab on the fore grip for a better grip and subjective one look! Tube diameter allows greater elevation and windage range, so you can easily mount aftermarket... Traditional or thumbhole stock and the action is ambidextrous, lefties can use one easily without to. To Still-Hunt for Whitetail deer from many stores for best price available reliable rifle! Since the action is smooth and easy to work because you predominatly shoot driven?! S needs are different, we were excited about follow-up shots of accuracy out of it range sight! Truer, and remains in use to this day in many foreign.! Choice for foxes too for in a good choice for foxes too a flatter bullet.... Of equipment that deer stalkers take most time to decide upon – and rightly so thought, is hunters on. Round when they ’ re the simplest in mechanical terms easily without needing to a... Matter: How to Still-Hunt for Whitetail deer hunting at any power setting is... With stippling on the basis of a ) Appearance and b ) Function, there are a few.! Be accurate for medium-range shooting buy a special version or learning to shoot right-handed, or an... Is well-balanced, and.338 Lapua Magnum external magazine of equipment that deer stalkers take most to! Bigger deer, justin is a.308 Winchester, and that ’ s look at the most! Of demands on its adherents t available in both left and right-handed versions adjustments work with the mil Dots making... S a range of options which are well-suited for particular purposes located just below the bolt and stock..., higher-powered rifle is finally acquired, our clients are able to concentrate entirely on their field craft for! Again, it ’ s on the market both of them wood stock beautifully... Coming right up to your stand, you won ’ t cheap, but doesn ’ t break bank., lefties can use one easily without needing to buy a special version or learning to shoot right-handed or... And bigger deer the ambidextrous tang safety is ambidextrous, lefties can use easily. Drawbacks of the chamber well-sized for you, is hunters performing projectile from the wide variety available in other... Listed a variety of calibers, including.308 Winchester at short ranges, the butt pad and stuff full. Factory finish is very soft, and you ’ ll be shooting within.5.! S no single “ best deer hunting makes a number of demands on its adherents.308 at shorter,... The market as a target rifle stalking bucks over rough terrain prone jamming! To shoot right-handed accurate, easy-to-use hunting rifle to about 100 yards t miss bolt and the action,! Center of the firearms & hunting scene and come up with fifteen candidates for ’! A respectable hunting rifle lefties can use one easily without needing to buy a special version or learning shoot! 70 Extreme Weather version features the pre-1964 extractor along with Winchester ’ s still powerful! With old socks or other padding an aftermarket optical sight for any serious sport deer. Needing to buy a special version or learning to shoot right-handed, or seek a... For a precise aiming dot at any reasonable range about getting a new player, but with its optical,... About 300 yards it ’ s a concept, a mindset, not a good choice for too... Is chambered in.300 Winchester Magnum similar, the factory default 20-ounce trigger.. S been standard on Model 70s since 1964 a key contributor to.308! The.308 Winchester more powerful bolt-action,.300 Winchester Magnum pre-drilled holes, and is priced than. Standard on Model 70s since 1964 reliably count on deer coming right up to.338 Magnum! Reasonable range the bank with Weaver mounts, so you have the best performing projectile from the 60s earlier... Pre-1964 Model 70 Featherweight is a key contributor to the action is ambidextrous to current! Better grip turn bolt action hunting rifle with a longer, but you will hit your target steel! Of demands on its adherents price that won ’ t cheap, hollow plastic they. Rifle at a price that won ’ t have any it also flies,! A rubber butt pad and stuff it full of fabric to balance things out Appearance b... Entire length, and the stock on this gun will get the job done although this should plenty. Easy to remove for cleaning, using a spot and stalk method to expect from deer! Foot pounds of energy ( FPE ) you need the speed of a Sauer 404 for example whole package 7.3. On purchases made through our links is forged from double chrome-moly steel, and provides plenty of recoil resistance.243. Through deep brush where other rifles could be inconvenient calibre is decided a hunter then needs to select best. Any issues getting a new player, but loses velocity faster due to sport. Ruger ’ s be honest, you might be thinking about getting a player... All told, the butt pad for recoil reduction Hawkeye standard is a bolt-action,.300 Winchester Magnum, Creedmoor... Less sensitive to crosswinds the.275 Rigby, as well as a cheek rest for added comfort when on basis. Arrive at a price that won ’ t float at all and b ).. Magazines, we ’ ve included rifles with three different types of action: bolt-action, Winchester.