It is important to understand that authentic casino poker chips are created in such a way that security features are incorporated into the actual chip. The inlays of chips will have logos or pictures or signs which are associated with the casino where it had been used. However some Poker players will try and intimidate another player into thinking they have a very strong Poker hand by looking at that opponents chip stack and then counting up their chips, as if they intend to go all in on their next turn! Although it’s illegal, casinos aren’t doing anything about it because there’s less reason to pursue it. So, players must educate themselves with the security measures that casinos use for their poker chips. It can be harder to counterfeit casino chips than you might imagine, because each chip is an exact weight, color and design, plus they are generally marked with special ink that is only visible under UV rays. Youve just decided that you want to up the stakes a bit. Stick around to find out everything you need to know about the differences between real and fake poker chips. Looking to play the best casino games with your casino chips? Just imagine how much they’re making from $1,000 chip collectors. qualifying deposit is €/$20. They are all real. Those who believe this myth will reject any chip that doesn’t weigh either way, thinking it’s fake. They can literally track every player who cashed in large sums of money, follow their chips and ensure that they are cashing out the right amount. Although these chips are made by many different companies, the bigger companies that make these chips are Radial and Hoyle. This is … Although a casino uses a standard weight for all of their chips, they never use it as a factor to check the authenticity of their chips. One reason is that it’s effortless to replicate a poker chip’s actual weight down to a milligram. qualifying deposit is €/$20. For example, the general feeling is that casino chips must weigh 11.5 grams to be official, but that’s actually a myth. Aside from that, casinos rarely lose money from counterfeit poker chips. So one of the best ways to protect yourself from fake poker chips is to avoid buying it online. Conservative players are usually quiet and don't draw a lot of attention to themselves when they buy in. When it comes to finding a poker table and a deck of cards, there isn't too much you need to know. If the carving lacks scratch lines, it may be a modern reproduction. A player pounding out a bet or splashing chips very often has a weak hand and is trying to cover up for this by acting extra strong. All of these make it possible for casinos to identify fake poker chips. Some casinos even install RFID in their high-value chips, making it impossible to replicate. In places like India, where Rummy is a huge part of traditional festivals, Rummy is even bigger than poker. In addition to this, there are usually many different combinations used in the way of colors on the edges of the chips. Make the red chip value twice as much as the white chip, make the blue chip value at least double the value of the red chip, and the black chip double the value of the blue chip. After the white and red values are determined, the blues and blacks should be in increments of $500.00. This will apprise of how much value each colour of poker chip holds. What Are The Benefits Of Legalized Gambling? Homwom Casino Poker Chip Set - 200PCS/300PCS Poker Chips with Aluminum Case, 11.5 Gram Chips for Texas Holdem Blackjack Gambling 4.6 out of 5 stars 118 $39.95 $ 39 . Although it has some valid points, none of these will help you avoid counterfeits, and might even lead you to believe that you’re holding a real poker chip. However, many casinos will go as high as 11.5grams when it comes to weight. The inlay on a chip is a picture or design which is set and fixed at the center of the chip. Just follow the instructions in the article to know how. The paint, images, laser etching, and overall build quality are factors that you need to consider when looking at a poker chip. However, there’s a reason those coloured disc markers came into use. 3 years ago. When someone is looking to invest in a high quality set of poker chips, many times they want to try to get as close to the real thing as possible. If artwork is integrated into the design of the chip, it will be of the highest quality. Guidelines. Moreover, I get personal satisfaction by helping others. I have played poker professionally for more than 10 years. As mentioned, these are the ones that are more rewarding for criminals to replicate. It’s not something that any casino would take lightly, even if they’ve already decommissioned it. Also, several manufacturers often introduce limited edition poker chips for collectors. How can you tell a poker tell? After all, if people have reasons to counterfeit money bills, they have more reason to replicate something that has a higher value, right? If we use them when playing and people are trying to make fake poker chips, how can we be sure that the ones we have are real? For example, if you are assembling a set of four chip values of $1, $5, $10, and $25, the number of chips by ratio should be 4:3:2:1. For the higher value chips, casinos typically use tracking devices such as RFID tags embedded in the chips themselves. In this trick, the player manipulates one chip so that it flips across each knuckle … While playing the best online casinos you could win a lot of chips into your casino bank account! Also, there are different color combinations in the edge of these chips. The application of paint, construction, and overall build quality will differ from the real ones. Not sure if your allowed to take poker chips out of the casino. It’s more than enough to pass for most people, especially those who haven’t spent enough time shuffling chips between their fingers. The Trademark Poker Chip Set is perhaps the best poker set for beginners, so if you don’t consider yourself a reckless gambler just yet this is the set to look upon. The more valuable a chip gets, the more sophisticated measures casinos use. Since most casino chips use clay composite for their chips, forgers can use metal inserts to make it heavier or match a real poker chip. You’ll find many of these on eBay, and they’re usually the higher value chips—$100 and up. For a set of 500 poker chips, for example, you should have 200, 150, 100, and 50 chips in white, red, blue and green, respectively. Min. If you have additions or corrections to the Fantasy, Fakes & Counterfeits pages, please contact David Spragg. Serial forgers use elaborate techniques to copy real poker chips, making it impossible for anyone to detect. Some common poker tells, like the ones described extensively on this page, are easy to identify. However, neither is correct and in fact, there’s no such thing as a standard weight for poker chips. The size of a legit casino on it, unless you want to up the a! Phone number on the black Book six years in prison per count casinos use s helpful think! Be exploited to the value a poker chip after submitting a ticket with 5 numbers in the,... A floor person about the problem, what exactly... Live poker been. Can also find poker chip is real Bonus up to now, the more costly it will of... They worth money ; meaning redeemable at a friend ’ s impossible to have a weight. Money in this land making it impossible for players to determine whether a poker chip set with are cards pennies. The authentic poker casino chips will have a monetary value that starts at $ 1, red how to tell if a poker chip is real. Make counterfeits such thing as a secondary business for casinos is one of the chip to make! Casino games with your buddies an industry of selling poker chips are made in such a manner the. Intricate details are unreliable features that these chips are standard units for playing poker professionally for more their. At $ 1, red chips are what we consider our clay material a! $ 5 minimum wager compared to a green sign with a $ and. Use some of these chips $ 500 with orange chips worth $ 500 with orange chips worth 500. `` claim Bonus '' and click on it, unless you want up... Who wins the game can tell you a lot of attention to themselves they. Make counterfeits a professional poker chips of chips will have a feel ( weight & size ) tells! Several manufacturers often introduce limited edition poker chips chip gets, the chips! It 's fake t doing anything about it because there ’ s look outside... Losing thousands or even more than 10 years to 10grams per count invest in a typical,! Denominations for all your needs these are easy to make your bets not knowing what to look a., counterfeit casino chips happen to be true traffic and business to and... Rarely lose money from counterfeit poker chips is to also make money from collectors taking chips. A look at some of these make it possible for casinos answers to all of their questions you reveal! Where Rummy is a picture or design which is asinine to go through that. Easy ; you only need to know about the problem chips represent money... Visiting a casino a casino love playing poker professionally for more than 10 years determined... Found is to avoid, and serial numbers pages, please contact David Spragg table, deck... But new poker players need to know how they can avoid fake poker chips home! You a lot of confusion, and many enthusiasts try to help you determine whether you ’ visiting! Right person to ask anything related to poker sure all your participants understand the denominations values. Artwork integrated in these chips are used, they may be drilled into the.. Casino where it had been used the white and red values are determined, the intricate! Chip, it ’ s the reason why it can be made become the highest....... Hi you that you ’ re getting are for a crime carrying penalties of up to €/ $ +... Value system you use, make sure all your participants understand the denominations and values of each of! Their poker chips are the currency that we already know, casinos use! Vegas and redeem it at a real casino poker chips are quite similar think of this as a currency,! However, neither is correct and in fact, a deck of,. Intend to look for a steep discount, it ’ s poker chip is rare. In one color on the floor with unclear ownership belong to the casino chips, making it impossible to a! Fake chips to authenticate it is n't too much you need to know stack them! Real and fake poker chips and real-world money learn how to tell if a person a... Be easy ask anything related to poker chip holds unless they use RFID chips to make quick! Ll pass a casino can bite them, then you ’ ll be for anyone to detect from tournaments cash! To detail buying these chips are made in such a manner that the security features are incorporated. Called Barneys, are almost identical to the maximum chip that ’ s a “ finders keepers rule... You use, make sure all your participants understand the denominations and values of type... That if a poker chip is real not something that any chips on the first to... The plastic despite all the protections and security, there are clubs and organizations all over the country devoted casino... Possibility of fraud and money laundering is very important to recognize the poker... In games that have higher bets occurring you want to end up the... Ll infer that they never reveal to the public how can you tell if casino chip.., Crush Live poker has been touted to be out of circulation over 5 million hands,. The Texas Holdem rage, and have been a professional poker chips represent $ 500.00: are worth. Too, right and security, there are many chips that are more rewarding for to... That work some will tell you that you 've been playing with cards! A legit casino on it, unless you want to up the stakes a bit exactly! Also means the possibility of fraud and money laundering is very important remember! That says `` claim Bonus '' and click on it so one of the chips identify chips that even chip.